Reduce Operating Expenses

  • ‚ÄčAutomatically collect GPS data on every shovel test & easily input to GIS programs.
  • Receive nightly updates to track progress of your field crews.
  • Minimize data entry and processing.
  • Easy sharing of information between field and office.
  • Ability to provide clients and regulators with proof of work.
  • Know where your field crews were and when they were there.
  • Search & analyze your data.
  • Prevents or alerts to entry of questionable data.
  • Rapid deployment with rapid return on investment.
  • Use your own fleet of tablets, or rent ours for short term work.

   The Problems

  • Do you know where every shovel test actually is?
  • Who are your most productive workers?
  • How many clients require work audit procedures to be in place?
  • How much are you paying your personnel to rewrite the same project, area, date, name, etc?
  • How much time is wasted interpreting or correcting transcription errors?
  • Can you search or sort your field data by transect, date, positive/negative, or anything else?
  • How much do you spend monthly on paper, toner, ink, and time scanning paper forms?
  • Do you get automatic daily updates to track the progress in the field?

How It Works

It's simple! Instead of using pencil and paper, your field crew use ArchaeoGen, which is made to look and feel as much like the familiar STP forms we all know and love (or don't love). We even include a stylus with each unit so that the crew feels as if they are holding a pencil and clipboard.

At the end of each work day, have your crew chief collect each unit, connect to your hotel wifi, and upload the data to our servers. We make your data available -- to you and only you -- for download at your leisure. You can see the progress and finds your crew made every day, you can download your data at the end of the week, or simply download your data whenever you feel like it. Your project manager can monitor sites as they are discovered and your GIS technician can quickly populate a map with the location of every STP that was dug.

For a sample of what your data would look like ready for Excel, click here. And while you can input your data into any GIS or mapping software, here is an overlay in Google Maps of that same sample data. This is real world, unaltered data.  The data points mapped are flagged as either positive or negative STPs. The data in spreadsheet form can be sorted by any field, such as area, date, crew member, positive/negative, etc. You will also find links to both a screenshot of each STP form, as well as a photo of any STP that the user took a picture of. It's as simple as that!
Field Technologies proudly offers ArchaeoGen two ways.

Our software as a service (SaaS) model allows your organization to use ArchaeoGen on an unlimited number of your own devices. You pay a flat fee per shovel test, so you only end up paying for the data that you upload. We can even sell you the tablets with ArchaeoGen pre-loaded and with a recommended case to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple purchases.

We also understand that due to the boom-and-bust nature of fieldwork, some companies and agencies do not want to purchase or maintain hardware. That is why Field Technologies rents hardware pre-loaded with ArchaeoGen. Each unit consists of an iPad Mini, ruggedized case, power cord, and styluses. We even ship the units to you, and provide a return label for shipping back to us. It's that easy!
Two Options To Use ArchaeoGen: Run On Your Own Tablets, Or Use Ours.


Building the future from the past.

Phase I survey is an incredibly labor intensive process, from digging in the field to writing the project report. ArchaeoGen is a software that will allow archaeologists to collect information in the field just like they always have. But instead of hauling a mountain of grubby, crumpled paperwork full of illegible writing and transcription errors back to the office at the end of the week, the home office can see standardized, searchable paperwork updated daily, along with a photograph and GPS location of each shovel test. ArchaeoGen lets archaeologists do more archaeology and less clerical work.

No more scanning. No more scrolling through hundreds of forms to find that one positive shovel test. No more trying to figure out if your crews dug in the correct place. No more guesswork or tedium to generate a map of your company's work. No more hours and hours of your crew chief's time to GPS shovel test locations.